Our Welcoming Community

umbrellaWe value and celebrate the cultural richness that comes from a diverse community and we seek to ensure that all who visit us are made to feel at home.

Visitors are welcomed in our services and we are supportive of inidividuals, couples and families who wish to become part our church community.

New members are encouraged to be involved in some facet of our church community, whether that be through service to others or in the adminstration of our various community activities.

Our welcoming spirit is extended to long-standing members as well, as we identify their talents and periodically call on them to assume leadership roles as Elders, Deacons, and committee members.

Believing that we are all God’s children, we offer a community of openness and inclusion. People of all races, cultures, and stations in life and those who are same-sex oriented will find a safe and affirming place here.

The members of our congregation encourage one another to ask new questions and to “think outside the box” so that we can grow in our journeys of faith. We support one another in caring and encouraging ways.

What we Believe