A message from our Pastor

A baby is baptized.   His eyes scan the smiling congregation as they, along with his parents,  promise to nurture him in faith.

A teenager goes on the Appalachia Service Project to help repair a  dilapidated house and finds her heart moved by the quiet strength of the woman  who lives there.

A recently widowed man finds comfort in the uplifting music of the  choir and realizes that he is surrounded by people who have prayed for him,  visited his wife in the hospital and brought more than a few dinners to his  home.

A family, coming to our church for emergency assistance, discovers  unexpected warmth and acceptance that gives them  hope.

These are the types of little miracles that happen every day in our  congregation.  In the Presbyterian  Church at Bound Brook, our family of faith helps us to dig deeper than the  surface of things and to understand how making a difference in the lives of  others can change our own.   As  we worship, learn and enjoy fellowship together; care for one another and open  our hearts to service; we recognize the Spirit moving in and among us.

Since 1688, when the Presbyterian Church at Bound Brook was founded  by a small group of Scottish Covenanters fleeing religious persecution, our  congregation has been a witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ.   Grateful for the legacy of those  who have come before us, we keep ourselves open to new possibilities in order to  be relevant to the issues and complexities of life in the 21st  century.

This church stands out as a beacon of Christ’s love, alive and  engaged with the world.  We are  known as a congregation that follows in Jesus’ footsteps by our commitment to  acts of compassion around the block and around the globe.  We continue to challenge ourselves to  look for new ways that we can join hands with those who seek acceptance, a way  out of poverty or simply a reminder of Christ’s light in the midst of life’s  struggles.

We are a friendly, vibrant community of faith with an exciting  future as we continue to recognize our calling to love our neighbor and to  celebrate God’s wondrous grace that sustains us.

I see God working through the members of this church in amazing  ways as they seek to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, and I feel  well-blessed to serve this congregation and  community.

May God’s peace and joy be with you,