One Great Hour of Sharing


When you give to One Great Hour of Sharing, you are assisting in the empowerment of others as they move past emotional, physical and spiritual misfortunes.  Your help gives hope.

At home and abroad, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance helps strengthen the faith community and enables those affected by natural or human-caused disasters to be part of the rebuilding and recovery efforts in their communities

Life-changing grassroots programs life Huerto de la Familia (The Family Garden) are supported by the Presbyterian Hunger Program.  Huerto de la Familia strives to cultivate community integration and economic self-sufficient through training in organic farming and the development of local based small businesses.

Self-Development of People, through your generous gifts, provides grants to organizeaions like A Community Voice in New Orleans, a neighborhood group that assists low-to-moderate income families in applying for jobs, housing, and food assistance.

During Lent, we have an opportunity to make a difference. We suggest that you set aside something each day to give to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering on Palm Sunday. This can be done in at least two ways: Save money each week by cooking more at home and not eating out; making your own coffee and sweets, bringing your lunch to work — put the money saved aside to bring on Palm Sunday; or continue with your usual practice of eating out, but eat out even more often, buying more extravagant coffee and pastries, and making sure to go out each day for lunch — then match what you have spent each day, and bring that amount for the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering on Palm Sunday.   The money raised from small sacrifices like these can make a huge difference for those in need. The money we raise joins with millions of others to fund projects in more than 100 countries including here in the U.S. — we can participate in providing HOPE!!

Please prayerfully consider what you can give throughout this season of Lent.
All your efforts are appreciated.

Thank you,

Your Mission Commission