Caring Ministry

The Caring Ministry was established at the Presbyterian Church at Bound Brook in 2000. Caring Ministers are approved by Session to be an extension of the pastoral care offered to the congregation. Caring Ministers meet monthly and plan occasional worship services including the Longest Night service on December 21 st . Each week one Caring Minister is “on call” to phone, visit or write to congregants and their families as needed. Caring Ministers are available for hospital visitation, if the patient or family member notifies the church at 732-356-3575. (Federal law prohibits hospitals from releasing any patient information.)

Mission Statement:

Vision – Our vision is that the members of the church may experience the love of God, especially when facing difficulties in their lives.

Mission – Our mission is to give evidence that God’s love is real and that God in on the side of wholeness and healing as revealed in the ministry of Jesus the Christ.

Strategy – Our strategy is to have available a small group of church members who are trained and ready to be present with members of the congregation who need care. Some typical situations which may prompt the need for this ministry are: a personal or family crisis, acute or chronic medical conditions, or death of a loved one. The ministry will be present in homes, hospitals and nursing homes.

Caring Ministers
Jill DeMouth
Rose Munroe
Ilse Pease
Marion Randolph
Doris Sabin
Joan Stryker
Carol Wilson