Did you know?

  • tower(menu)This  building was built in 1896 and is on the National  Register of Historic Places.
  • The  pipe organ was purchased and installed in 1964 for $54,000 and has 2,300  pipes.
  • Tom  Rodgers has been our organist and music director since  1976.
  • The  baskets used during communion were woven by Martha Costain (our church secretary).
  • There  is an angel in the stained glass window behind the pipe  organ.
  • The  Rev. Sylvester Graham, originator of the flour in Graham crackers, was a pastor  here in the 1800’s.
  • The  Brokaw memorial stained glass window was made by Louis Comfort  Tiffany.
  • Covenanters  from Scotland formed the Presbyterian Church in Bound Brook in 1688.