Regulations for Lot Owners

Revised 1996

  • Flowers may be planted in a bed not to exceed one foot from the base of the headstone.
  • Lot Owners are responsible to keep flower beds cleared from grass and weeds.
  • Shrubs* may be planted on either side of the headstone with the approval of the cemetery staff.
  • No shrubs are permitted on single width lots.
  • Plot owners are responsible for the care, trimming and removal of any temporary or permanent flowers, shrubs, etc. which they add to their plot.
  • Lots that become unsightly will be completely cleared by cemetery staff.
  • Holiday decorations are not to be placed until after Thanksgiving. Lot owners are to remove these decorations from the cemetery by January 30th.
  • Artificial flowers, candles, and other glass or plastic remembrances are not permitted for safety reasons from April 30 through October 31, when mowing and trimming is being done.
  • Plastic or wire flower bed enclosures are not permitted.
  • No plantings are permitted around foot markers, nor in cremation areas or the infant area.
  • Water is available throughout the cemetery, but it is the responsibility of lot owners to water their plots.
  • After burial, flowers will be removed after 5 days.

Your cooperation will help maintain the beauty
and safety of the cemetery for everyone.

Thank You!

Bill Cherneski
Dennis Costain
Yard Manager
Office Manager

*NOTE: Only the following types of shrubs are permitted;

  • “Compact Hinoki” False Cypress
  • English Boxwood
  • Dwarf Alberta Spruce
  • “Helleri” Dwarf Japanese Holly
  • Dwarf Azalea “Gumpo”