Rules and Regulations

The Bound Brook Cemetery was established in 1863. It is under control of the Board of Trustees of the Presbyterian Church of Bound Brook, in the counties of Somerset and Middlesex, New Jersey.

The Cemetery is located in the Borough of Bound Brook, Somerset County, New Jersey, on the east side of Mountain Avenue and just north of Union Avenue.

The following Rules and Regulations passed upon and approved by the Board of Trustees of the Presbyterian Church of Bound Brook in the Counties of Somerset and Middlesex, New Jersey on the second day of May in the year two thousand four, do hereby supercede, cancel and annul all prior rules and regulations heretofore made and approved, covering the use and operation of the said Bound Brook Cemetery.

The record of approval of these Rules and Regulations is to be founding the minutes of the meeting of the said Board of Trustees held on the sixth day of August in the year two thousand four.

The Board of Trustees reserves to themselves the right to alter any or all of the following rules and regulations whenever they may regard it as proper for the best interests of all concerned.


The office is open Monday through Friday, from 8 A.M. to 12 Noon except on holidays. All communications should be addressed to “Superintendent, Bound Brook Cemetery, P.O. Box 461, Bound Brook, N.J. 08805.”    (732) 356-1021

Persons desiring to purchase plots are respectfully requested to visit the Cemetery and make their selection according to their individual need and preference.
Upon full payment of the purchase price of any plot a deed of conveyance shall be issued to the purchaser, such deed to contain the Cemetery’s covenant for Perpetual Care.
All plots are sold for cash unless credit arrangements are made which are satisfactory to and approved by the Board of Trustees. For the convenience of those purchasers who wish to select plots in advance of need arrangements can be made by which one third deposit shall be paid on account of the purchase price at the time of the sale, and the balance paid within one year from date of purchase. It will be understood that if the plot selected shall not have been paid for in full within the time allowed, the Board of Trustees reserves unto itself the right to return to the purchaser the amount as paid on account of such purchase price, less 10 percent of the total purchase price, which sum is deducted as a handling charge. The Board of Trustees will not reserve for any person or persons, any plot for a longer period than one year. The title of any plot remains in the Board of Trustees until the deed for such plot has been executed and delivered. Therefore no interment, monument, or planting will be allowed in or such plot until the same has been paid for in full. Plots will be sold as they are laid out, and the grade, which is fixed at the time of the preparation of the ground for sale, cannot be changed. No mounds on graves will be allowed. A plot book is kept in the office of the Superintendent, which shows by means of accurate diagrams the dimensions of each plot sold and its precise location.
All plots are sold with Perpetual Care, the cost of which is included in the purchase price of the grave.
No planting will be permitted except at the head of the grave and only with the approval of the Superintendent.
No high headstones or corner markers shall be placed on graves, and all markers shall be placed at the head and not the foot of the grave.


In keeping with the plans for the maintenance of the good appearance of the Cemetery, the Board of Trustees made certain restrictions governing all plots and graves. All plot enclosures- fences, railings, hedges, and all ornaments, iron chairs or settees are prohibited. No plantings on plots shall be allowed, except at the head of graves or adjacent to the monument or with the approval of the Superintendent. Plot owners shall not allow interments to be made in their plots for remuneration, nor shall any transfer or assignment of any plot, or any interest therein be valid without the consent, in writing of the Board of Trustees, acting through their properly constituted officers. In all cases of sales or transfer of Plots the arrangement must be made through the Board of Trustees. No sale or transfer of any plot will be permitted after an interment has been made. No sale or transfer of plots by auction will be allowed in the Cemetery. No sale or transfer of any plot upon which the holder has neglected to pay all moneys due by him on such plot will be confirmed. No sign or notice offering plots for sale will be permitted in the Cemetery. The grading and seeding of all plots, and the building of foundations for monuments, etc. must be under the direction of the Superintendent of the Cemetery and must be done by workmen regularly employed on or by the grounds. The Board of Trustees may from time to time lay out or alter avenues or walks and make such rules and regulations for the government of the grounds as may, by them, be deemed requisite and proper to secure and promote the best interests of the Cemetery.
The owners of plots shall be permitted to plant shrubs and plants in accordance with rules and regulations herein contained. Special attention should be given in choosing shrubbery, as to species and possible future growth, etc. and may be planted only with the approval of the Superintendent who will be glad to cooperate in giving suggestions or any other information desired. Plants, shrubs, flowers, etc. shall not be removed from the grounds, nor shall any trees growing along or within the plot, or elsewhere in the Cemetery grounds be trimmed, mutilated or cut down without the consent of the Board of Trustees, and under the supervision of the Superintendent. If any trees or shrubs situated in or on any plot, shall, by means of their roots or branches, become detrimental to the adjacent plots or avenues, or shall become unsightly, or shall prove inconvenient to passersby, it shall be the duty of the Cemetery authorities, and they have the right, after due notification by mail to the last known address of the owner of record, to enter upon the plot and remove such trees, shrubs, or parts thereof, as may, or shall be detrimental, unsightly or inconvenient, and such work shall be done at the expense of the plot owner. No solicitation by gardeners for work will be permitted on the grounds, and those not abiding by these rules will be excluded from the Cemetery. The following will not be permitted in the Cemetery: glass receptacles for flowers, glass or plastic enclosures for flowers or other objects, lights of any kind, or artificial flowers or shrubbery of any kind.
Perpetual care has been a condition of all sales agreements covering sections of the Cemetery developed subsequent to the original eight sections A to H inclusive and shall be the established policy to govern all future sales.
General care is given to all plots. This consists of mowing and trimming of the grass, trimming of the shrubbery, and cleaning the plot.
4.1 Bills due for work done or for materials or supplies furnished for a plot or grave, will act as a lien on such plot or grave until paid. This means that no interments will be allowed until such bill has been paid.
4.2 For interments, the funeral director must give the order at least twenty-four hours before time of interment. A burial permit, issued by the Board of Health, must be given to the Cemetery office prior to interment. Charges for interment must be paid either before or at this time. NO INTERMENTS SHALL OCCUR UNTIL THE INTERMENT FEE IS IN THE POSSESSION OF THE CEMETERY OFFICE. All funerals, while within the Cemetery, shall be under the direction of the Superintendent or his representative.
4.3 No funerals shall be conducted on Sundays or holidays.
4.4 An extra charge for each half hour will be made for funerals arriving at the Cemetery after 2:30 pm on weekdays and after 12 noon on Saturdays.
4.5 Where two interments in one grave are permitted, the first must be specifically ordered extra-deep and a concrete vault used. Vaults are required for all in ground burials including infant burials over three feet in length. Vaults are not required for cremains.
4.6 Cremain interments over existing in ground interments are permitted with the complete discretion of the Cemetery Superintendent.
4.7 No post-mortem examinations will be permitted on the grounds. Caskets may not be opened on the grounds for viewing.
4.8 Plot owners may permit interment of persons not related to them, but not for monetary consideration.
4.9 Written consent of all co-owners of any plot must be given for interment of any person other than the co-owners themselves or one spouse of each co-owner.
Disinterments may be made, only with the consent of the Board of Trustees, in accordance with the Board of Health Rules and the written consent of the owner or owners of the plot, and the nearest relative of the deceased. Such disinterments must be made by the workmen in the employ of the Cemetery, and at the convenience of the Cemetery Superintendent.


The Cemetery shall exercise the utmost of care in disinterment, but assumes no liability for the condition of any casket or burial case.
The Board of Trustees recommends that, prior to any monument or marker being placed on any plot or grave, a personal inspection of the plot be made by the owner, so that such monument or marker shall be designed to be in harmony with the plot and its environment. The Superintendent of the Cemetery will furnish blank forms, which must be filled out, showing , to scale, the design of the proposed monument or marker, location of the plots, and the kind of material of which such monument or marker is to be made. Such forms must be signed by the plot owner, or his authorized representatives. Approval will be given only for those monuments or markers which are deemed to be proper and in harmony with other monuments or markers already in place. In general, approval will not be granted for any effigy. In addition, the Board of Trustees reserves unto itself the right to approve only such monuments and markers as are made from granite or other approved stone from recognized monumental quarries, and shall have been guaranteed to be first quality stock. If any monument, marker, effigy, enclosure, or structure of any kind whatsoever, or any inscription be placed in or upon any plot, excepting as hereinbefore provided, shall be deemed by the Board of Trustees improper or injurious to any other surrounding plots or grounds, the said Board shall have the right and authority, and it shall be their duty, after due notification to the owner of the plot, to enter upon the plot and remove such object at the expense of the plot owner, and such owner shall be chargeable with the expense so incurred.
Monuments shall not cover more than seven per cent of the plot area and the height shall be proportionate to the width and design of the memorial.
All monuments or markers shall be placed on concrete foundations prepared by the workmen employed by the Cemetery, and the owner of his contractor shall reimburse the Cemetery for the same before the stone may be set. No foundations will be prepared while unpaid charges appear on our books against the plot or grave.
All corner posts must be level with the ground.
By resolution adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Presbyterian Church at Bound Brook in the Counties of Somerset and Middlesex on May 7,1963, Section Seven of the Rules and Regulations for the Bound Brook Cemetery, adopted by said Board of Trustees on December 6,1955, was amended to read; “7.1 No mausoleums or sarcophagi will be permitted.”
8.1 All workmen employed in the erection of monuments or markers, construction of vaults, etc. shall be under the supervision of the Superintendent. In cleaning monuments, care should be taken not to spill any of the solution used on the surrounding grass or shrubbery. In moving materials for monuments, tombs, etc. to plots situated back from the avenues, the intervening plots must not be trespassed on. Paths are to be used in all cases. Planks are required to be laid down on the plots or grass over which heavy material is to be moved, in order to protect them from injury. Persons engaged in erecting monuments or other structures are prohibited from attaching wires or ropes to any tree, shrub, or monument and from scattering material over adjoining plots. They must remove all rubbish and restore the avenues and lawns injured by their operations as directed. No mortar or cement shall be mixed in the roadway. Such work can be done only during Cemetery working hours and the trucks must leave the Cemetery promptly at 4:30 P.M. Any workmen failing to conform to these regulations may forth will be excluded from the grounds and the person employing him shall be responsible for damage sustained through his neglect.
8.2 No advertisements in any form will be allowed on any stone in the Cemetery.
8.3 All work, whether monumental or otherwise, in the vicinity of an interment, must be discontinued during the burial service.
8.4 Obstructions to avenues and paths, incidental to improvements of all kinds, must be made as slight as possible, and no unnecessary delay will be permitted after the work has commenced.
8.5 All trucks delivering materials of any kind must first stop at the office to obtain permit for delivery.
9.1 Visitors to the Cemetery are reminded that these grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment of the dead, and that strict observance of the decorum which should characterize a cemetery will be required.
9.2 All vehicles must park close to the curb, not near an intersection, and must not make unnecessary noise-blowing horns, etc. Care should be taken in driving through the Cemetery, and funerals must be given preference. A speed limit of not over fifteen miles per hour must be observed at all times.
9.3 Motorcycles, bicycles and dogs will not be allowed in the Cemetery.
9.4 The discharge of firearms is prohibited except at military funerals.
9.5 Children will not be permitted to run at will through the grounds, and must, at all times, be accompanied by adults.
9.6 Any person who shall deface, mutilate, or otherwise injure any monument or enclosure, or shall remove any shrubbery, trees, plants, flowers, flags or emblems from the grounds, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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