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CopyofIMG_0247The Prayer Shawl Ministry (PSM) at  BBPC, known as The Compassion-Knits, meets twelve months out of the year on the  last Wednesday of the month.  The meetings are held at 7:00 pm. In addition to the members who attend the monthly meetings,  the PSM has some active members who contribute by knitting or crocheting shawls  and lap robes at home and then dropping them off to be blessed at a meeting. The  PSM has been meeting at BBPC since May of 2006.

Shawls may be designated for  specific recipients before they are begun, or they may be undesignated and  become part of the inventory that the PSM keeps for shawl  requests.    Shawls and lap robes are lovingly stitched for  church members, friends of church members, church staff members, children,  relatives, neighbors, co-workers, caregivers and ASP families.  They may be  presented as shawls of compassion and comfort for a wide range of situations  that include illness, chronic disease, accident, surgery, grief, concern,  isolation, separation, incarceration/detention, and military  deployment.   Shawls may also be given in celebration of a new birth,  a special birthday or anniversary, a close friendship, ordination/installation,  reconciliation, gratitude, a graduation, or a wedding.

The shawls provided by the PSM are  never sold.  The ministry does gratefully accept free will donations, when  offered, to help off-set the cost of supplies, which are otherwise provided by  the group’s members.

If you would like to be a part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry contact Marion at or at 732-469-0981 or the church office  732-356-3575 or

Who can join: The group is open to anyone, women  and men alike, wishing to participate in the ministry by creating prayer shawls  with intention to lovingly give away. All skill levels are welcome. Training  provided.

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