Building and Grounds

Mission Statement

The mission of the Buildings and Grounds (B&G) Commission is to supply, maintain, repair and plan for the upkeep of the structures and property of the church at 409 Mountain Avenue as a volunteer partner with the Pastor/Head of Staff, in ministry supportive of the mission of the church. Specifically, “We seek to ensure that all who visit us are made to feel at home”.

B & G Responsibilities:

B & G is to periodically survey the buildings and grounds and document a “Jobs To Do” list to be provided to session as part of the monthly B & G report.

  • B & G is to dedicate several commission meetings each year as “Work Meetings” for the completion of tasks on the “Jobs To Do” list.
  • B & G is to organize two All-Church Work Days bi-annually to aid in the completion of the “Jobs To Do list and invite participation from members and friends.
  • B & G is to work together with the Head of Staff to monitor and evaluate the work done by professional contractors on site.
  • B & G is to annually review funds in the Building Fund endowment, and make recommendations to session with regards to the use of these funds that support the mission of the commission.
  • B & G is to annually review the list of Building Users and fees charged, together with the Pastor, and make recommendations to session as needed regarding building use.
  • B & G is to support the work of the Secretary/Church Administrator as the need arises with regards to repair fees, expectations of building users, and annual agreements.
  • B & G will encourage participation in completion of items on the “Jobs To Do” list by service organizations (example: Boy Scouts) and other building users (example: Men’s Basketball) each year.

It shall be the aim of B & G to perform routine maintenance and minor repairs on a volunteer basis. B & G will contract for services needed outside the volunteer pool as needed within the B & G operating budget established.

A volunteer PFC Kitchen Supervisor is approved to work independently of B & G, but shall provide status reports and requirements to session through B & G. The PFC Kitchen Supervisor will supply the names of members of the PFC Kitchen Team to session through B & G annually, as is the practice of commission and committees of the church.

Commission Members:

John Almendinger          Dan Luna                   Natalie Buzby

Al Danner                       Sue Anderson            John Casale