Worship and Music

Our Mission

The Worship and Music Commission of Bound Brook Presbyterian Church undertakes a variety of activities to fulfill its mission of working with, assisting and supporting the pastors and professional staff to ensure that the church provides worship opportunities and music programs that meet the spiritual needs and contribute to the spiritual development of the congregation, both as individuals and as a community of faith.

The Commission regularly exercises its responsibilities in the following ways:

  • Administering the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion.
  • Preparing Communion elements and scheduling Elders and Deacons to serve Communion.
  • Recruiting, training and scheduling Ushers and Lay Readers during worship services in accordance with the needs of each service.
  • Ensuring an adequate supply of hymnals, Bibles and other worship and music resources that may be required in the pews.
  • Supporting worship by providing an interpreter for the hearing impaired, special amplification devices for those who benefit from their use, and large print worship  materials.
  • Working with the Ushers and Deacons to maintain the Tape Ministry that provides audio tapes and CDs of worship services for distribution among the congregation and to shut-ins.
  • Supporting the professional music staff and the choirs.
  • Preparing the sanctuary and church buildings with decorations specific to each season in the church year.
  • Staff: Tom Rodgers , Rev Nancy Birdsong, Rev Linda Owens
  • Elder: Doug Rayner (chair)