” …and in the middle of the night, little elves came out of the woodwork and set up the tables, and made fresh tea cakes and coffee for the throngs of people who would surely be in attendance at the morning worship…”

If you thought fellowship on Sunday mornings was secretly designed and executed by little elves that lurk in the smallest of hiding places in the old church building, you are mistaken! The reality is that a dedicated team of BBPC members takes great care in making sure an opportunity to linger and chat exists after each church service, both on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. But we are much more than just the commission that brings the food…we also have goals and objectives to not only make your post worship experience the best it can be, we are also committed to creating opportunities for members to make friends and enjoy their full church experience.

The fellowship commission hosts a variety of quarterly events, including a Seder meal, church picnic, annual potluck and other events designed to appeal to both adults and children. But the most important part of who we are and what we do is not often seen. We are a commission that primarily supports the work of other commissions. When the session schedules the annual meeting, it’s the fellowship commission that organizes the potluck. When the mission commission hosts a review of a trip to a foreign country, the fellowship commission provides the refreshments. When we welcome new members into our church via the membership commission, we organize a new member reception after the service in which they are received. The list is potentially endless! It is our greatest joy to be of service to other commissions to make their programs shine.

If you are interested in serving on the fellowship commission, please contact Chairperson Dan Richard for more information. Come and learn the secrets of the fellowship elves! Our potential to serve and support is beautifully blessed by adding committed members to our group