Adult Education Class


The Sunday Morning Adult Education opportunity is starting up on October 1.  All are welcome to join.  Over a four week period we will be reading and discussing the book “Waking Up White” by Debbie Irving.  The book is a personal account on facing issues of race

The group meets at 8:45 am Sunday in the pre-school room of the PFC.

If you have questions or would like a copy of the book, please contact Sal Lalama at 908-963-9286 or


THURSDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY:  Begins  October 12 @ 10:15AM in the Cemetery Chapel

Violence Divine: Overcoming the Bible’s Betrayal of Its Non-Violent God  …  Biblical scholar, John Dominic Crossen, will lead us (via dvd) through an eight week study that explores themes of violent retribution attributed to God in scripture. If you have ever been disturbed by the acts of violence directed by God in Bible, this study is for you.  We look more deeply at whole of the Biblical message to discover a God of peace, forgiveness and non-violent justice.


COMING IN NOVEMBER  How to Read the Bible a discussion with Rev. Linda  – Sunday evenings … Nov 3,10, 17 from 4-6PM.



Gift and Task

The God whom we meet in Scripture is one who gives generous gifts in the wonder of creation, in the miracle of emancipation and reconciliation, and in the surprise of transformation. We are invited to receive those abundant gifts on a daily basis, with a posture of anticipation, awe, and gratitude. In response, we accept the worthy task of daily discipleship.

Gift and Task is an original collection of 365 devotions by best-selling author Walter Brueggemann, providing the opportunity to consider in critical ways the cost and joy of discipleship. Perfect for daily use, this book begins with the First Sunday of Advent and provides insightful reflection and thought-provoking commentary on the Scriptures for each day of the year. Brueggemann guides disciples with wisdom and encouragement for our never-ending walk along Gods challenging, grace-filled path throughout the Christian year.