Presbyterian Church at Bound Brook



 Bound Brook Presbyterian Church is a vibrant, active family of faith, seeking to worship God and to reflect the love of Christ in the world.  Here, you will find

  • inspiring worship
  • support and encouragement for your journey in faith and in life
  • engaging experiences for children and youth
  • learning with room for questioning and new perspectives
  • opportunities to serve those in need
  • acceptance and friendship
  • a congregation that cares for each other, has fun together and makes a difference!

No matter who you are or where you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome.  We are an inclusive congregation that opens our arms to everyone, regardless of race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, physical or mental health, or station in life.  We see beauty in the diversity in God’s Creation.  Those who face prejudice of any kind will find a safe and affirming place here. Shaped by the life of Christ, we advocate for safety for children and compassion for the elderly, the poor and the sick. Together, we strive to answer God’s call to be agents of healing, justice, peace and positive transformation in our local and global community.

We invite you to visit us to discover more about who we are and how the Spirit of God is working among us.    Are you looking for a congregation where you will be warmly welcomed and encouraged to live a meaningful life in faithfulness and joy?  BBPC may just be the church for you!


Your FINANCIAL GIFT will help us with our mission trip to Grenada.


Grenada is a beautiful little Caribbean island, but over half of the children live in poverty. We will be making repairs on the Samaritan Presbyterian School which teaches a total of 310 preschool and primary school children in an area of the inner island where those with the greatest hardship tend to live. We also will meet with members of the Presbyterian Church in Grenada to see what we can learn from each other and how we can continue to support them in service to those in need in their country.